The Story behind StableMaster

A quick insight into how StableMaster went from idea to fully fledged software.

Existing Stable Management Software didn't seem to cut the mustard for many.

My daughter rides. I got friendly with the owner of our local stable and, after hearing her grumble about how clunky and outdated her existing stable software was, I introduced myself and we sat down over a cuppa and talked about the issues she faced. Lightbulb moment. In my day job i manage off-shore software development teams and am a pretty creative type - all we needed was someone with oodles of equine business knowlwedge and a real passion for horses. I teamed up with Jessica and StableMaster is the result.

StableMaster beats all other similar software solutions handsdown. It took us 3 years to bring it to market because we wanted it to be the absolute best it can be.

Take StableMaster for a spin now. 15 Day free trial and no credit card required. What have you got to lose?


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StableMaster is an online business so we have no office. How Cool. If you need anything drop us an email:

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