Why choose Stable Management Software?

StableMaster stable management system is designed to be intuitive, responsive and super-easy to use. We've listened to many stable and riding centre owners and developed the software to meet their needs. StableMaster's powerful task manager allows you to assign, track and report on tasks as well as focus on overdue critical tasks. Further, you can carry them forward by day, week and month so that no important horse care or stable maintenance task is overlooked.


StableMaster isn’t just horse friendly, its people friendly too. StableMaster allows you to manage information relating to your centre’s customers with ease. Create an unlimited amount of customers in the system, hold information relating to their riding ability, the lessons they subscribe to, upload customer profile pictures, add customer documentation such as Assessments and Accidents, assign horses to customers and maintain crucial information such as emergency contact detail.


StableMaster uses a sophisticated instant messaging system to allow us to communicate with our customers.


Horses are our top priority. Our Horse management module enables you to record vital information about your horse community including important stuff like; passport, breed, name, photos, capacity, temperament, suitability for tasks and lessons as well as allowing you to assign horses to riders, locations, livery customers or private owners.


Managing the completion of important tasks is the lifeblood of any stable or equine centre. StableMaster’s powerful task assignment and tracking functionality enables stable managers and staff alike to maintain an up-to-date and detailed breakdown of all tasks within the business. It allows you to assign task to staff members, prioritise them and add due dates as well as associate stable elements such as arena, horses and suppliers.


We love horses and the welfare of your horses is of course vitally important. The care module within StableMaster has been built to ensure no horse will be left out in the cold. Linked to suppliers and staff, care routines such as; farrier, veterinary, feed, mucking out and coggins can be assigned to each horse with reminders appearing in your daily dashboard view so that no care task remains incomplete.

Lesson & Event Planning

StableMaster is a comprehensive Stable and Equine Centre management solution. Many riding centres offer lessons of various types and many also hold events and competitions. StableMaster can handle this with east. Our Lessons and planning function allows you to create lesson types, schedule lessons, assign horses, riders and instructors and roll them forward on a recurring basis. This module ensures resources such as horses, instructors and arenas cannot be fully booked. Lessons and events can be configured to include; cost, minimum rider capability, rider and horse number limits and lesson duration.

Invoicing and Customer Wallet

All chargeable activities and products can be invoiced to customers via our powerful invoicing and customer wallet features. Invoice reporting allows you to control debt and the customer wallet handles customer account balances in relation to charges, refunds and discounts. Our Product feature allows you to create billable items such as Livery charges, Tack rental, competition entry and service charges. These products can then be added to invoicing providing a powerful solution to help you maximise the profitability of your centre.


StableMaster employs a powerful Calendar view which allows you to see all key events occurring in the centre across a daily, weekly and monthly view. This allows the effective scheduling of all centre lessons and events. Click into the calendar to add new lessons, events and tasks – all of which can be setup as recurring entries meaning you can execute forward planning quickly and efficiently.

Staff and Instructors

The vital resource in any successful organisation.


Key to StableMaster’s potency is the ability for each customer to configure it their way and in doing so creating array of functionality customised to the way you run your business.


What you see when you login. The at a glance view of all of your key tasks and information allowing you to focus on the really important stuff without having to go find it.

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